Шууд үзэх


    Altan Khukhii mountain is 60000 hectares lying northwest to southeast, on the Great Lakes basin of the Mongol Altai Range. It is located 50 km north of Myangad soum centre and 150 km south of Ulaangom town. The mountain is surrounded by Khovd River’s beautiful valley, Kharkhiraa Mountains and the Great Lakes basin.


    Asralt Khairkhan, the highest peak of Khentii Range, is located in the west part of the range, or Baga Khentii Range. There are many vestiges of ancient glaciations like smooth rocks, cirque and humps. Also this area is covered by rivers, lakes, swamps, canyons, rocks, taluses as well as forests.


    Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain is a single mountain located in 20 km from Bayan-Unjuul soum of Tuv province as an east end of massive granite rocks of Bayan Mountain. Steep mountain peaks and sides of the mountain is about 500-600 m but backside of the mountain looks very picturesque and amazing. Slope of the mountainsides is 40- 50 degrees but it is higher in some parts.


    This Mountain Range is 80 km long, from northwest to south east, and is located 4th line of Mongolian Altai Range. This mountain range consists of two parallel ranges with straight sides and sharp peaks, and first range is called Khasagt Khairkhan Range and second one is Gurvan Bogd Range. Highest peak is Khasagt Bogd (3578 m). There also are some high peaks such as Dund Khasagt Khairkhan (3471 m) and Zuun Khasagt Khairkhan (3540 m) in this range and Bogd (3200 m), Dund Bogd (3522 m) and Zuun Bogd (3340 m) in another range.


    Ikh Bogd Mountain, covers 50 km long area to the east of Bayan Tsagaan Mountain, is a biggest mountain of Gobi Altai Range, This mountain is surrounded by vast steppes and gobi along both north and south sides, and by Bayan Tsagaan Mountain and Baga Bogd Mountain Range (2400-3600 m) along west and south sides.


    Khundlun Mountain is located to the south of the main road between Ulaanbaatar and Murun, 10 km to the east of Ikh Uul soum centre and 30 km to the west of Tarialan soum centre. This is very beautiful and worshipped mountain.


    Burkhan Buuudai Mountain is located in 30 km away to the south east of Biger soum centre, stretches in southwest part of depression of Biger Lake, in the northwest part of Gichgen mountain range, which is the most eastern part of Mongol Altai mountain range. Medium height of the mountain is 3400 m and the highest point is 3765 m above sea level.


    Bogdkhan Mountain, one of the world oldest protected areas, is located in the south west of the Khentii Range. This mountain is on the boundary of steppe and forest-steppe natural zones. The mountain also marks the southern border of the Siberian forests and the Mongolian forests.


    Khar Yamaat Mountain, is a smallish mountain approximately 800-1365 m altitude, is located on the south bank of Kherlen River, 20 km away to the north west of Tumentsogt soum center and 16 km to the south of the Bayan tsogt soum centre. Absolute altitude gently decreases in the northern part.


    Khustai Range, the west branch of the Khentii Range, is located on the north bank of the Tuul River, 48 km to the northwest of Altanbulag soum centre. This range is curved like a bow from south to northeast and averages 1500-1700 m in altitude.