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          There is a constant thinking in the mind every time I say aloud how I love my Motherland which is the country known in the world as the Genghis Khan’s Mongolia with its unique nation who kept the nomadic culture and lifestyle nowadays. I think many people will join the number of those people who consider this country as the land who kept its science to use their land properly, to love it and how to protect it which is also considered as the real science. It is not possible imagine Mongols without their nomadic lifestyle. I am always proud as I was born in Mongolia. I study to get the tourism profession as a kid since my childhood I always liked to travel and discover. I want to travel all around Mongolia and to study its mountains, water lines, plants and animals. Let’s introduce a little about the geographical location of Mongolia.

Our country, Mongolia, located in the center of the Asian continent which borders with two world powers as China and Russia. Bordering with the Siberian taiga in the northern part and crosses with the Central Asian peninsula in its southern parts. The total territory of Mongolia is 1.564,100 km2 and in general, extends from its western to the eastern side formed into oval shape which is located in the middle latitude of the northern part of the globe with the cold zone climate. Accounts for about 1% of the world’s land surface. The total length of the border is 8.158 km, 3.485 km with Russia and 4.678 km with China. By the surface size, the country’s territory listed as the 17th largest country in the world and as the 7th in Asia. The northernmost point of Mongolia is located in the Great Sayan Mountains of the Mongolian Yellow Slopes of the Khuvsgul province in the northern latitude of 52°09’, the southernmost point is located in the 41°35’ latitude of the South Gobi province’s Orvog Gashuunii Bor Tolgoi where the 10° difference of the latitudes between the northernmost and southernmost points with the distance of 1.259 km. The westernmost point is located in the 87°44’ eastern longitude of the Bayan-Ulgii province’s Maant Mountain in the Mongol Altai Mountains and the southernmost point is located in the Modot slope of the Soyolz Mountain of the Dornod province with the eastern longitude of 119°56’ where the difference between western and eastern longitudes have 32° and the distance of 2.392 km. the average altitude of Mongolia is 1.580 m where are the highest point is located in the Khuiten Peak (4.374 m) of the Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains and the lowest point located in the hollow of the Khukh Nuur (560 m) above the sea level. Mongolia is a mountainous country as it accounted with many mountains although it has not only low and high mountains but also flat steppes and hills.

The technological evolution influences deeper the lifestyles of the people by the change of the time. In the modern times, similar to this, many people were getting their knowledge by using the websites. The Mongolian Mountains website was created in English language with the information about the mountains and hills where the people can receive their knowledge in correct manners to share with others.