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End darj kinogoo uzne uu!!


Location: N48°45'00.0 E91°37'00.0 (Ondur Khukhiin ovoo) Umnugobi soum and Ulgii soum of (Uvs province, and Myangad soum of Khovd province.

Distance: 1560 km west from Ulaanbaatar city 90 km away to the north of Khovd town.

Altitude: 3350 m above sea-level.

          Altan Khukhii mountain is 60000 hectares lying northwest to southeast, on the Great Lakes basin of the Mongol Altai Range. It is located 50 km north of Myangad soum centre and 150 km south of Ulaangom town. The mountain is surrounded by Khovd River’s beautiful valley, Kharkhiraa Mountains and the Great Lakes basin. Highest peak of the mountain is called Undur Khukhii (3350 m). Also there are some high peaks such as Soosgoo (3257 m), Myalgar (3202 m), Paizat (3172 m). Shar Khamriin Undur (3148 m), Alag Khadag (3134 m) and NarTusdag (3094 m). You can find many ford valleys with hills, glacial boulders and other vestiges of glaciations on its bottom. River valleys are often narrow. Tsagaan Burgasnii river, Amaa river, Sunduiliin river, Uliastain river, Shar Bulgiin river begin from the Altan Khukhii mountain, but they dry up on the way, without flowing any lakes. There are some small lakes in the valleys between the mountains, and those are called Burd, Khag, Zeeren, Shar and Taliin Nogoon. Altan Khukhii Mountain and its surrounding areas have abundant rare and extremely rare animals, different kinds of birds and insects. For instance, there are 42 species of mammals including snow leopards, grey wolves, manuls, Altai mountain sheep, wild boars and ibexes. There are 127 species of birds including whooper swans, geese, white- headed ducks, Altai snow cocks, ring-necked pheasants, saker falcons, upland buzzards, black kites, and lesser kestrels. 570 species of plants grow in the Altan Khukhii Mountain including many species of rare medical herbs. The mountain is the first worshipped mountain in Altai mountain area and local residents have been worshipping it since 1761. In 2005, the Mongolian President declared that the Altan Khukhii mountain had become a State Worshipped Mountain. There are 13 stone ovoos (cairns) on the peak Undur Khukhii. Altan Khukhii Mountain is called so because of its height, color, and resources. Altain Khukhii Mountain with 99200 ha area has become Natural Reserve according to decree number 06 of State Great Khural of Mongolia since 2010.