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End darj kinogoo uzne uu!!


Location: N47°54'00.0, E107°18'00.0 (Mungut Tsohiot of Gorkhi) Bayandelger and Erdene soums of Tuv province.

Distance: 50 to 60 km north east from Ulaanbaatar city.

Altitude: 2500 to 2600 m above sea level.

          Gorkhi Terelj is beautiful because there is a combination of sharp mountains with granite cliffs, forests and rivers. Gorkhi terelj, are the southern branch mountains of the Baga Khentii range, at the north of the Tuul River, and it borders with Khan Khentii strictly protected area. There are Zaan Terelj, Khurkh, Baruun Bayan, Dund Bayan and Zuun Bayan rivers and all these flow into the Tuul River. Forests cover these mountain from 1300 m absolute altitude to 2200 m arc these are mainly ebony, birch, asp, pine and spruce trees. For shrubby plants, hedge-roses, junipers, rhododendrons and many different: types of wickers grow here. And for fauna, there are roe deer, brown bears, wild boars, musk deer, foxes, wolves, lynx, antelopes, sables, badgers, martens and ferrets, as well as birds such as grouse, wood grouse, partridge, passal’s sand grouse, wood, pecker, wild pigeon, crow and magpie. Granite mountains located next to each other called Utug Eruugiin Khad Mountain, are the watershed of North Gorkhi and South Gorkhi rivers. The highest point among these mountains is Dunkhen Mountain (2121 m). The South Gorkhi Tuul River, according to a legend, Galdan Boshigt King hid his gold and silver in a small hole on top of the rock when he escapes from Manchu soldiers after defeat of the fight in Zuun Mod. But the king could not regain the gold and silvers. There is a Buddhist meditation temple with 108 stairs and a wire bridge, called Temple of Aryabalo, on the north mountain from the Turtle Rock. On top of the mountain which the temple places, there is a glacial rocky wall. The glacial wall is called Chuluun Khuree and only south side is available to enter. Wild crystal was extracted from Ar Gorkhi mountain and 7.5 ton heavy smoky crystal has found here. The smoky crystal is biggest among crystals fond in Mongolia. It is 240 cm long, 1.75 m tall and its crystals are 100 to 300 cm wide. This crystal has 18 sides and all sides are even and transparent. The area including basins of Zaan-Terelj, North Gorkhi and South Gorkhi, and beginning of Tuul River has been protected since 1993 as a National Park. This protected area is popular spot for foreign and domestic tourists because it is closest beautiful natural scenery to Ulaanbaatar city. Gunjiin Sum Temple (Temple of Princess) ruin is located in a valley of The Baruun Bay an River, flows into The Tuul River.