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Location: N49°22'00.0 E95°07'00.0 (Sogoo Lake). (Undurkhangai, Tsagaan Khairkhan, Khyargas and Malchin soums of Uvs province.

Distance: 1120 km southwest from Ulaanbaatar city (Sogoo Lake) 156 km southeast from Ulaangom town (Khar Termis spa).

Altitude: 2928 m above sea-level.

          Khankhukhii Range, the west boundary of Khangai range, is 180 km long from west to east. Togtokhii Shil, a part of this range, separates Uvs Lake depression and Khyargas Lake depression. The range is located in the mid of the Great Lakes Basin, therefore it is little different from other Khangai Range branches and mountains. The backside of the range is very humid and mountain meadow, forest and steppe landscape dominate. While the south side is deserted and is dominated by dry precipices. Annually around 200-250 mm of precipitation falls on this backside, sometimes 300 mm in higher regions, but only around 150-160 mm on the south side. In addition, just 130 mm annual precipitation on the east side. The highest point is Altan Duulga (2928 m) in the eastern region of the mountain. There are many glacial vestiges in higher areas of the mountain. Birch, asp and wicker trees are abundant along rivers rising from the mountain.

Rose root, lichen’s, plantain, valeriana officinalis, burnet and peony are found here. Fauna in this area includes; roe deer, boar, lynx, rabbit, fox, wolf, musk deer, badger, wolverine, wild cats, marmot and ground squirrels. Birds like woodpecker, snowcock, grouse, partridge, magpie, eider and eagle inhabit here. Many rivers like Baruun Turuun, Zuun Turuun, Khangiltsag, Owt, Ikh Gol, Arsnag, Khustai rivers rise from this mountain and flow into Uvs Lake. Khar Termis, Urt Bulag, Ichgenii Gol, Khuree Asganii and Muhar mineral springs and spas are good for one’s internal organs. Baruun Tuiruun River, begins from Sogoo Lake, has 100 m deep canyon and both lake and river looks very amazing. Historical finds like man stones and tumuli are found around Sogoo Lake and Zuun Khukhii Lake. An amazing feature can be seen here a 400 km long and 15-20 m deep geological fault, the longest in the world, which was created by an earthquake in 1905. This area including Khan Khukhii Lake, Khyargas and Airag lakes and end of Zavkhan and Khungui rivers has been protected as a National Park since the year 2000. According to a decree of the Mongolian President, this mountain became a State Worshipped Mountain in 2007.