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Location: N47°27'00.0 E108°27'00.0 (Delgerkhaan Mountain) Tsenkher Mandal, Jargaltkhaan, Delgerkhaan soums of Khentii province.

Distance: 220 km southeast from Ulaanbaatar city 120 km west from (Undurkhaan town).

Altitude: 2042 m above sea-level.

          This worshipped mountain keeps ancient historical vestiges and is located to the east of the Kherlen River. The mountain is a part of the Khentii Range. The highest point is Delgerkhaan Mountain (2042 m). This mountain is more humid than the surrounding plains and has rich grass and pastures. There are approximately 1000 winter places where nomadic people spend their winter. The mountain is in rich in trees including; birch, asp, larch, cedar and other bushy trees, as well as animals, lakes and rivers. Avargiin River rises from this mountain and joins to Kherlen River.

This mountain has many caves, large and small including the biggest cave Shivertiin Agui, located in Burgaltain Am or 20 km from Bayan Ulaan centre. This is a volcanic cave 18-19 m long. Kherlengiin Khuduu Aral is between Kherlenbayan Mountain and Kherlen Toono Mountain.

There is a ruin of first Mongolian Empire capital city “Aurag Ord”. This is a historical place where the Mongolian Secret History book was completed and so a 4 m high Chinggis Khan Statue was set up here on its 750-year anniversary. Kherlen Toono, a beautiful granite mountain, is located on the north bank of Kherlen River, particularly 20 km away to the south from Delgerkhaan soum centre. The highest peak is Takhilt Mountain (1578 m). More beautiful scenery on this mountain can be seen around the Kherlen River. There are several 100 m high granite cliffs with small caves. Bushy and herbaceous plants are also found here. Avarga and Toson spas are located in the northwest of Kherlen Toono Mountain. Many tumuli remain on the south side of the mountain. A Stone inscription, dated back to Enkh Amgalan King of Manchu, was found here and now this stone is exhibited in the Natural History Museum. Kherlen Toonot Mountain has become Natural Reserve by a decision of State Great Khural of Mongolia since 2012.